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Re: ADSL problems with LAN hub

>why don't you use a firewall? 1 cheap PC, connected one side to the ADSL
>router, the other side to your LAN. Linux running on it of course, with
>ipchains and NAT running. So the ADSL modem sees only 1 PC (that would make 
>support happy ....), and you can plug as many PC as you want to your ADSL 

Eventually. I'm pretty new to Linux and the idea of installing a firewall 
and configuring ipchains sounds daunting. Is it that bad or does it just 
sound bad?

That plus the fact that the only cheap PC I have here is an old AMD 200MHz 
... trying to install Linux on that would certainly be interesting. I'd also 
have to pay for two new LAN cards ^_^

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