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Re: ADSL problems with LAN hub

Jean-Christian Imbeault wrote:

> Doh! That fixed it! Like was mentioned, it's always the obvious things ... I
> had tried this before but with a straight cable ... of course it works fine
> now that I use a cross cable ... double-doh!


since you already fixed it, my solution comes too late:) but think about it:
why don't you use a firewall? 1 cheap PC, connected one side to the ADSL
router, the other side to your LAN. Linux running on it of course, with
ipchains and NAT running. So the ADSL modem sees only 1 PC (that would make GOL
support happy ....), and you can plug as many PC as you want to your ADSL line!

Also, although this particular ADSL modem provides some filtering capabilities,
I don't trust it and I prefer to have a second line of defense.


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