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Re: everything broken

I havent done much work with X, but when I try to run gatos I get an error
saying that it cannot load the dga module. Does it need to be compiled
seperately or something?

Im running kernel-2.4.0-test9 with X-4.01 and have a bttv module for my ATI TV
Wonder which seems to load ok.

Im going to compile X-4.02 and 2.4.0-test12 very soon anyway, so this would be a
good chance to make any adjustments.


A.Sajjad Zaidi

"Marcus O.C. Metzler" wrote:

>  > I have ' Load "dga" '  in my XF86Config.   What should I change?
> What VGA card do you have? Maybe there are problems with that card.
> Marcus
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