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japanese fonts: ttf, ghostscript + vflib, XFree 4.0.x

Howdy all, 

I recently purchased a color inkjet printer that plays nicely with
Linux (if I compile ghostscript with the gimp-print driver), and
decided that it was probably time to get Japanese printing working as

My understanding is that there are roughly 2 ways of doing this:

1) Download and install one of several really large japanese fonts.
This has the advantage of me not having to build ghostscript again,
but requires a huge download and is reportedly kind of slow.

2) Use the MS truetype fonts that I already own (while keeping in
mind the legal risks, of course) by recompiling ghostscript with the
japanese vflib patch. By adding another patch, I'll also have the
advantage of being able to view Japanese pdf documents.

I'm thinking of taking the latter route. Unfortunately, I can't seem
to find the Japanese ghostscript patch that matches the version of
the ghostscript source I have (6.01). I've only been able to find a
patch for 6.0. If there's a) anyone out there who built 6.1 with
vflib and can point me to the correct patch or b) anyone out there
who knows that said patch doesn't exist anywhere, I'd be most

Next question:

Can XFree 4.0.x serve multibyte truetype fonts correctly? I'm
currently using 3.3.6 with xfstt, which can't, and the Japanese hack
of xfs seemed kind of scary the last time I checked. 

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