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Re: DSL in Tokyo (again)

>>> Sorry to rain on your parade, but it might take a
>>> while to get that installed.  I haven't heard anything
>>> about eAccess, but Tokyo Metallic took about 5 months.

 Then Jonathan Byrne of Exodus Communications K.K retorted:
>>We deployed our DSL service on Dec. 1 and already have
>>customers active and using it, so line setup is apparently
>>not a problem.

> So, I called GOL and asked. And then pushed their answer (it did
> change a little under pressure). The final answer from the sales
> person I spoke to is it's a 3-week process with about a 20% failure
> rate--meaning about 20% of locations don't have phone lines that will
> support the system.

I wouldn't be surprised if all of the DSL providers, including NTT, will
have a backlog of customers waiting to get set up pretty soon. This is just
so big.

We (Metallic) went from telling people 3-4 weeks in October to 2-3 months
recently. It's a reality. The upcoming holidays certainly don't help.

"About 5 months" seems kind of long. I imagine service wasn't even started
in that area when he applied. Or maybe the application was bounced by NTT
for not having the subscriber name just perfect. The dates the Metallic
hardware got installed into the various NTT switching stations is listed

20% failure rate also seems kind of high. I think it is still too early to
tell. If I am reading this chart correctly there were only 3,171 DSL users
in all of Japan as of October 31st. I got my line in May and seem to be in
the top 760. Can't wait to see the November stats get up there.


Ken Cotton <>
Tokyo Metallic Communications Corp.

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