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Re: tlug: CD burner

On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> >>>>> "Ulrike" == Ulrike Schmidt <> writes:
>     Ulrike> I am thinking of buying a CD burner and was wondering
>     Ulrike> whether there are any limitations for use wiht Linux or
>     Ulrike> any recommendations.
> I have the Yamaha ??-400T, it set up with no problems, it works fine
> at 4X, I have experienced exactly one error in about 4GB (these are
> disks to move d/l-ed beta distros to a SparcLinux connected at <
> 14.4k, so yes, I have actually read every bit of those 4GB), and that
> may have been due to a bad d/l of the file in question (the verify
> image found no error).
> This is a SCSI model.  You can do this kind of thing all-IDE, but I
> think it's worth getting SCSI.  Even burning at 4X, I could not cause
> buffer overruns on a heavily used workstation which was only P133 but
> had SCSI disks.

PHT had one of these, and it broke... apparently the optiplex ones are a
bit more reliable.  Then again, PHT used the hell out of theirs, they
burned 20 or 30 discs a week on that thing.

> I don't know if the warning is still out on this, but older AIC7xxx
> (Adaptec 2940, eg) SCSI hosts were said to give lots of errors if used
> simultaneously to hold the master image on a SCSI disk and burn the CD 
> on the same SCSI bus.  So you should probably arrange to have a
> separate IDE disk (or a separate SCSI host, ho ho ho) manage the
> master image if your SCSI host is AIC7xxx-based.

In my 3.5 years at PHT, burning CDs exclusively with aic7xxx-based CDs and
image drives, I never saw this behavior - they either fixed it before AHA
BIOS rev 1.21, or I was really lucky :)

Scott M. Stone, CCNA <>
UNIX Systems and Network Engineer
Taos - The SysAdmin Company 

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