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tlug: CD burner

>>>>> "Ulrike" == Ulrike Schmidt <> writes:

    Ulrike> I am thinking of buying a CD burner and was wondering
    Ulrike> whether there are any limitations for use wiht Linux or
    Ulrike> any recommendations.

I have the Yamaha ??-400T, it set up with no problems, it works fine
at 4X, I have experienced exactly one error in about 4GB (these are
disks to move d/l-ed beta distros to a SparcLinux connected at <
14.4k, so yes, I have actually read every bit of those 4GB), and that
may have been due to a bad d/l of the file in question (the verify
image found no error).

This is a SCSI model.  You can do this kind of thing all-IDE, but I
think it's worth getting SCSI.  Even burning at 4X, I could not cause
buffer overruns on a heavily used workstation which was only P133 but
had SCSI disks.

I don't know if the warning is still out on this, but older AIC7xxx
(Adaptec 2940, eg) SCSI hosts were said to give lots of errors if used
simultaneously to hold the master image on a SCSI disk and burn the CD 
on the same SCSI bus.  So you should probably arrange to have a
separate IDE disk (or a separate SCSI host, ho ho ho) manage the
master image if your SCSI host is AIC7xxx-based.

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