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Re: tlug: correga PCI 10base-T cards ok?

On 7 Dec 1999, Jens-Ulrik Petersen wrote:

> Do any of you have any experience of Correga PCI 10base-T cards?

I seem to recall having used one at one time.  They work, as do the
Planet (AKA PCI AKA Planex) cards, and are probably of similar quality.
I don't know that I'd want to use them in a high performance networking
application, but they work fine at home (after all, I've got ether
locally but my uplink is only 128K, so it doesn't matter *how* crummy
the NIC is  :-)  and if they fail they're really cheap to replace.

If high performance and high quality are important, look at 10/100 cards
from Intel or 3Com (we've been using only Intel EEPro 100s at work for
most of this year and they seem quite good).  If price is the overriding
factor or they're just for a home network, they're probably OK.  Pick
one up and try it out.  Even if you hate it, you're only out 1,300 yen
and TLUG will be happy to accept it as a donation for the next auction


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