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RE: tlug: Cathedral and Bazar

Hi Craig,

> Hiroo is supposed to e-mail the Japanese LaTeX version.  I'll
> send it to you when I get it.  Do you have any way to conversion
> Japanese LaTeX into Japanese HTML?  I may have to do this by
> hand.
I haven't actually seen Japanese LaTeX yet, but I figured
that being marooned at home was a good chance to
learn about it ;-) I'm very much at home with traditional
LaTeX and HTML, so I figure the conversion wouldn't
be that much work, even if it has to be done manually.
Of course, I might end up hacking one of the existing
filters to handle JLaTeX correctly... In any case, it's a 
clear incentive to get Gaspar's yuedit up and running on
my system. That is, it is running right now, but 
somehow I can't get the KINPUT method to work yet...

But back to the topic - if you feel that you can delegate
the conversion, go ahead and try me :-)

Bye, Thomas
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