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Re: tlug: JE CDROM

Hello, everybody.

Domenico wrote:
> Id like to buy the CD-ROM for Japanese extension 
> (I'm using Linux S.u.S.E. 5.1)
> Basically I need only mule and japanese fonts on 
> Netscape. 
 You need to know there are JE (Japanese Extension)
& PJE (Post Japanese Extension). PJE is newer than
 You can use both JE & PJE on S.u.S.E. 5.1. But
you can't use PJE on RedHat5.0.
> Could you please tell me the name of this CD-ROM, 
> so I can order it, and, if you know, the price? 
> The laser5 shop server is written in Japanese 
> and it is still to complicate to me.
 PJE is included Linux "Japan Vol.7", which costs
1714 yen plus tax. You can find this magazine at big
bookstores. Now Linux is in boom.
 JE is included in "Infomagic 6-CD Set 98/1", which
costs 2800 yen plus tax. I bought this at Laser 5.

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