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Re: [tlug] Dropbox Linux Client free))

> but for situations where you're the only user of that host (which you
> really, _really_ want to be when you have data you're concerned about
> keeping secure) you should be using cryptfs (full disk encryption). If
> you're doing that, adding an ecryptfs home dir on top of that adds
> little.

+1 to all that.

The other reason I don't use that set up on subsequent machines was a
discovery when I had a senior moment and forgot my user password. I knew
the disk key and got back in as root, set a new user password... and had
no home directory, as the (old) user password was also the decrypt key.

(The brain fart bubbled off after 24hrs: I remembered the middle part of
my password, and then the whole thing came back to me.)

> So it is quite possibly reasonable for you just to turn off
> this feature.

I think I need 490GB free disk space to do that (?), and I only have
10GB. As Dropbox client is the only thing that complains, complaining
about Dropbox has been the easiest "fix".


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