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Re: [tlug] Dropbox Linux Client (was: File-sharing (was: Books for free))

>>>> It has been Linux unfriendly for over a year (won't work on an encrypted
>>>> partition, but for no good reason)....
> It's quite misleading to say that it doesn't run on encrypted
> filesystems since that's nothing to do with it: the change is that it
> now runs only on ext4 filesystems. It doesn't matter if the ext4
> filesystem is encrypted at other layers, and completely unencrypted
> non-ext4 filesystems will not work.

Yeah, that was just the problem I had personally with it. The home
directory partition type (on the machine where Dropbox started
complaining) shows as "ecryptfs", even though it is "ext4" underneath that.

> that the free Dropbox accounts offer enough storage that it's still
> useful for things like casual file sharing and their great uploads
> feature. 

Yes, I find I prefer the web interface, because it showed a progress bar
for uploads. Instead of telling someone "the new file is on its way... I
think" (and then having to leave my computer on for the next hour, just
to be sure), I can now say "the new file will be fully uploaded to
Dropbox in 8 minutes".


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