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Re: [tlug] No video playback in Iceweasel

In addition to Steve's excellent advice, here are a few questions and ideas:

How does a video fail to play in the browser?
* What does the video space look like?  (black rectangle?)
* Does the video sound play?

You might want to try toggling your hardware acceleration options.

To toggle hardware acceleration options for Flash, right click the video
area (perhaps a black rectangle?) and select Settings | Display | Enable
hardware acceleration.

Additional tips for Flash configuration can be found here:

Does video play outside of the browser (such as in VLC)?  If not, how does
the video fail to play there?

To toggle hardware acceleration options for VLC, select Tools |
Preferences | Video | Display | Accelerated Video Output (Overlay).  FYI:
these settings are stored in the file ~/.config/vlc/vlcrc (search /^\[fb\]/).

Good luck!


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