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[tlug] No video playback in Iceweasel

CL writes:

 > I've tried killing all add-ons and just starting the video players, then 
 > adding the add-ons back one at a time to see which one is killing the 
 > video, but the video doesn't start with all other add-ons turned off, 
 > either.

Start from the command line and see what warnings/errors you get.
Warning: any GTK application is likely to spew so many uninterpretable
warnings you'll think you have cat'ted core dump.

 > I've tried completely stripping Iceweasel from the HDD and installing 
 > just the video players but that hasn't led anywhere, either.

Well, no, I wouldn't expect your monitor to suddenly morph into a bus
guide complete with 5-octaves higher than normal voice and a little
flag, to be honest.  What do you mean by "not lead anywhere"?  Text of
misleading error messages would be really nice, maybe someone has seen
them before.  (Maybe the author of the confusing error message is
watching.  Wouldn't that be cool?!)

Any OS upgrades recently?  What are your SELinux and kernel capability

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