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Re: [tlug] Providers ratings

On Sun, Nov 23, 2014 at 11:19 PM, Kalin KOZHUHAROV <> wrote:
> On Sun, Nov 23, 2014 at 3:39 PM, Pier Fumagalli <> wrote:
> > I've come to the end of the contract with Asahi.NET, and while I was very
> > happy with them over the course of the past few years, I wonder if there's
> > something "better" out there.
> >
> Define "better", without quotes.
> Was there anything you were not happy with your current provider?
> If you cannot define "better" yourself, don't spend time on looking for it!

The definition of "better" (henceforth the quote) was given right
below: for me bandwidth and latency :-)

> > Does anyone have pointers with regards to actual bandwidth and latency for
> > providers over here in Japan, and especially data regarding international
> > peering and whatnot?
> >
> Are you interested in peering with Zimbabwe or USA? Or both? And some
> other countries?

Personal interest is Europe and North America, but I guess that if
this were to become more of a group effort, other people might
interested in peering somewhere else.

I personally know few people who are on this list from Australia,
Brazil, France, New Zealand, ... (strictly in alphabetical order);
maybe they have interests specifically towards those countries.

> > I've tried the usual Google method, but nothing came up that actually
> > "quantifies" and compares different providers.
> >
> May there isn't?

I'm somehow coming to that conclusion myself...

> > If there's nothing out there, would you folks be interested in helping to
> > get some data? It should just be as easy as hitting a few servers on
> > "" and filling in a little Google Docs form or something like
> > it!
> >
> Yeah, sure. Let's do it! Once? Twice? On Sunday? Night/day? Test to where?

I guess that more people contributing to it, more times, better data
we can extrapolate for the benefits of everyone.

This _could_ be a quick-and-dirty simple form:

> I am using Asahi-net since around 2001 on more accounts that I
> remember (have 2 FTTH lines,  1 LTE, 2+ WiMax) and I have not seen
> anything better, if you walk down the run-a-server at home path. If
> you are planning to just leech torrents, or stream Skype - I don't
> know, there is a slight chance others may be better.

I have always been happy customer of Asahi-NET, but a couple of years
back when we were looking at providers for my previous job, one of our
engineers ran few tests and wasn't 100% sure (Monsieur Rousset, if
you're still on the list, feel free to chime in).

Having a small archive of recorded data could help everyone on the
list make better informed decisions given that from time to time the
question pops around (especially when people move, upgrade
connections, ...).


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