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Re: [tlug] Laser printer for Linux

CL writes:

 > Then let me teach you a word you should know: CONFERENCES

I know about running conferences.  That's what about 50% of all
"Center of Excellence" funds are used for, and a wonderful means it is
indeed -- to destroy what little research productivity we have.  God
save us from running conferences, even with your undervalued help.

Anyway, I have enough excess to buy over-priced toner cartridges, not
fly Krugman across the Pacific, let alone back.

 > but Berneke would take some time and I may need to pay off an 
 > intermediary.

I can (probably) get Bernanke without payoffs, we're acquainted.

Now, offer me Bourbaki or Saunders Mac Lane (or even just Bertrand
Apollinax), and you have a deal.  I bet we could get Curt to help!

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