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Re: [tlug] Laser printer for Linux

On Fri, 21 Nov 2014 14:19 Bruno Raoult <> wrote:
> > do so, I suppose I would consider either HP or Brother. I would not buy
> > Canon or Epson.
> >
> Because you did not have experience with Canon and Epson, and prefer to go
> on with makers you already know, or because you had bad experiences these 2
> makers?

Because I have purchased both Canon and Epson and, while they worked
fine with Windoze, I gave them both away (for free) because I could not
get either to work properly in Linux. Maybe it was my own fault. Dunno. But I
gave up. Excellent results with the HP I am using now (at my 研究室) and also
excellent results with my Brother I have at home. I like the Brother better, one
reason being, as Charlie noted, getting cheap cartridges and refills is not so
easy with the HP.

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