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Re: [tlug] Laser printer for Linux

mID:<> =====[ Sex 21 Nov 2014 16:49:51 BRST ]=====
> Semi-happy with Brother DCP-7055 combined printer and scanner: printer
> has been fine, but the scanner absolutely refuses to work (even using
> the Brother linux scanner drivers, and every troubleshooting idea known
> to man). I have to connect a Windows machine to scan. Very annoying,
> because the previous 4+ years everything I have bought has simply
> worked, plug'n'play, with Linux. (And I cannot say the same about Windows.)

Unless you know exactly the environment they used for development, in
other words, their targeted (not even supported often times) distro,
that's to be expected specially for a scanner.

I think " HPLIP " software package from HP attempts to address that for
their products.

Here is one thing I remember from quite some time ago. There is this
piece of software called " VueScan " ( ). Paid
software but might, I say might address your issue under Linux.

Cheers. Fernando.

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