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Re: [tlug] Laser printer for Linux

On 21 November 2014 15:15:24 CET, Benjamin Tayehanpour <> wrote:
>Interesting! I've had the exact opposite experience with Epson gear.
>Seems that Epson might be a bit of a mixed bag, then. Or it might be a
>regional thing. Which models have you been having luck with?

My current model is a PM-A920. This exact model was sold only in Japan. They have equivalent model for other countries, but I did not check which one it is, as I did not have to search for ink since I am in Europe.
I cannot remember at all my previous models. What I know is that I never got any specific issue, beside the Japanese menus on my current one :)
For the PM-A920, both the printer and the scanner work.

I would like to add that it is not a network printer, but USB. Before, my different Epson were all USB, and parallel when I was student. I think also this is amazing to read different experiences.


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