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Re: [tlug] What's up with online Japanese<->Japanese dictionaries?


Kenkyusha has a very nice online collection for a fee. There's even
an English guide to subscribing.

Wait... is Kenkyusha only dedicated to English<->Japanese dictionaries? By subscribing, all you seem to get is fifteen zillion E<->J dictionaries, and one Sanseido J<->J dictionary (which seems like it might just be the same as the one available for free on Sanseido's site anyway).

I'm looking for a huge, complete, kickass J<->J dictionary. Not only do I not need any form of E<->J, I actively want to avoid it. I'm now solely looking up definitions in Japanese. If the English definition is presented, my brain can't ignore it.

Which brings me back to my original question... does that exist in an online form anywhere? My searches have come up with nothing.

Where is the Japanese version of the Oxford dictionary online?

All the ones listed in Japanese Wikipedia are a hodgepodge of technical dictionaries and English dictionaries...

Do Japanese people already know every word...?

Dave M G

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