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[tlug] XEmacs vs. Unix

On 2009-11-22 08:55 +0000 (Sun), Josh Glover wrote:

> ...only to realise that I was--for example--editing a file in XEmacs
> that I had previously "git mv"'d, and wondering why my changes are
> having no effect. :)

Hm, that seems very strange; I'd thought that XEmacs was better than
that. You did do the git mv from XEmacs and not, horror of horrors,
from a separate shell prompt or something similar, right? Emacs users
should never do anything from outside of Emacs; that's like a Unix user
changing a file on disk by using fsdb instead of going through the
kernel's write() system call. :-)

Vi users, of course, should feel free to write and exit, git mv the
file, and edit it again; vi will very conveniently tell you if you're
trying to edit the old one that no longer exists.

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