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Re: [tlug] XEmacs vs. Unix

2009/11/22 Curt Sampson <>:

> On 2009-11-22 08:55 +0000 (Sun), Josh Glover wrote:
>> ...only to realise that I was--for example--editing a file in XEmacs
>> that I had previously "git mv"'d, and wondering why my changes are
>> having no effect. :)
> Hm, that seems very strange; I'd thought that XEmacs was better than
> that.

It is, I'm the defective link in the chain. :)

> You did do the git mv from XEmacs and not, horror of horrors,
> from a separate shell prompt or something similar, right?

You caught me.

> Emacs users
> should never do anything from outside of Emacs; that's like a Unix user
> changing a file on disk by using fsdb instead of going through the
> kernel's write() system call. :-)

Wait, there's a write() syscall? ;)

I should be using an Emacs terminal emulator running zsh, of course,
but I'm still using Sakura and bash. It takes me a while to get the
gumption to upgrade my comfortable tools.

> Vi users, of course, should feel free to write and exit, git mv the
> file, and edit it again; vi will very conveniently tell you if you're
> trying to edit the old one that no longer exists.

Emacs will tell you that the file has changed and prompt you to update
the buffer. My mistake was far more subtle:

:; xemacs Foo/Bar/ &
# edit some stuff
:; sync-to  # rsyncs the cwd to laurana:`pwd`

# time passes, then I decide to rename the Foo::Bar::Baz module
:; git mv Foo/Bar/ Foo/

:; sync-from  # rsyncs laurana:`pwd` to cwd
# since I didn't add the --delete option to rsync, both Foo/Bar/
and Foo/ exist on alhana
# I keep editing Foo/Bar/, forgetting to open a new buffer for
Foo/ and close the old buffer

:; sync-to  # rsyncs the cwd to laurana:`pwd`
:; make clean && make test
# WTF? The changes I made to Foo::Baz are not showing up

My idiocy is a symptom of a crazy workflow that I have not made sane.
I'm taking steps to fix it, but there are historical reasons why I
used to *have* to work this way (or at least, this was the best

Don't blame XEmacs for how I use it. :-P


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