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Re: [tlug] WAN fail-over configuration in Linux-based router

On 2009-11-06 05:04 +0900 (Fri), Patrick Bernier wrote:

> The open source software of choice for serious soft routers nowadays is
> Quagga, a fork of GNU Zebra (

Ah, right. Obviously Quagga is a bit after my time, but I've come across it.

> Unfortunately it uses a Cisco IOS-like configuration file format, but
> that makes it more readily accessible to a lot of "certified" network
> engineers... Ahem.

Well, look at this good side. If a network engineer (or any other IT
guy) is certified, it must mean he's certifiable. :-)

(Dunno if that joke translates out of English, but putting "certifiable"
into's search box does produce the correct result at
the top of the result list.)

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