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Re: [tlug] WAN fail-over configuration in Linux-based router

Quoting Curt Sampson:
> And with only 2^16 of them, no wonder. Oh, how I'm regretting not
> getting one back in '95 when any random bozo (for example, me) could
> have one for the asking.

Not getting myself an AS and my own "swamp space" /24 in the early 90s is
one of my biggest regrets ever! As I was working for an ISP myself, I
didn't see the need, but that was /so/ shortsighted :(

> Dead easy. I don't even know if gated still exists, but there must be
> old copies around, and you could run that on any 64MB 486 back in the
> mid-90s, no problem.

Sometimes I miss gated.

The open source software of choice for serious soft routers nowadays is
Quagga, a fork of GNU Zebra ( Unfortunately it uses
a Cisco IOS-like configuration file format, but that makes it more readily
accessible to a lot of "certified" network engineers... Ahem.

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