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Re: [tlug] Need advice to choose a router

On 2009/11/02, at 12:29, Godwin Stewart <> wrote:

On 02/11/09 02:19, Alan Busby wrote:

If your machine supports these protocols (and it will do if it's running
GNU/Linux) then there's nothing to worry about.

Except for the routers that come with a MS Windows only application for
configuring the router, instead of a web interface on the router.

Didn't know there was such a thing. I've never come across one yet.

Actually the Apple-routers (Time Capsule, Airport (Express)) can only be configured via an application by Apple that works only w/ OS X or Win but you don't want to have one of those if there isn't a real good reason (like music distribution via iTunes/Airport Express-combo or you are total compuert inept and need the easy-configurability which those products offer). Even for a TC there is no reason anymore if you are computer-savvy and don't fear to configure netatalk And in this case you can even have ZFS thanks to FreeBSD (don't know the state of netatalk in Open Solaris)


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