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Re: [tlug] Need advice to choose a router

On 10/31/2009 10:04 PM, Godwin Stewart wrote:
On 31/10/09 12:49, Yann Ubuntu wrote:

Maybe I am worrying for nothing, but I prefer to ask :)
The protocols supported by routers (ethernet, IEEE802.11) are totally
independent of the O/S your computer uses.

If your machine supports these protocols (and it will do if it's running
GNU/Linux) then there's nothing to worry about.

That is true but I have run into the rare case where a Japanese router's web UI doesn't render properly under non-IE browsers. I don't recall the exact make and models but I believe one was a Yamaha and the other was a Panasonic. Also, some wireless routers are sold as kits with wireless cards. Best to double check your distro's HCL if you're buying a kit.


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