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Re: [tlug] Database frontend in Linux

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
Raedwolf Summoner writes:

 > In Windows I have a database program called askSam, that some of
 > you may be familiar with.

Not if we can help it. ;-)  I've heard of it, but most of us avoid
Windows and its apps as though they were the plague.[1]  You really
should describe what you're doing in more detail.

(/thread fork warning)

In case you have never met Ralph, Dr. T., be advised that he is a fellow universitarian (well fellow of you; not me) but, even more importantly he is a genuine Wizard who knows how to make his own Truly Excellent (tm) beer and ale at home in his bathtub and sink ... a rare and valuable skill that if not Linux, is vitally Linux related.

The key is to find him software that will increase beer production ... say, a nomikai's worth every couple of months ...

(Ralph, good to see you finally made it over here.)

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