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Re: [tlug] Database frontend in Linux

2009/5/23 CL <>:

> In case you have never met Ralph, Dr. T., be advised that [...]
> he is a genuine Wizard who knows how to make his own Truly Excellent
> (tm) beer and ale at home in his bathtub and sink ... a rare and
> valuable skill that if not Linux, is vitally Linux related.

Oh, that is so UNIX:

$ cd /pub && more beer

> The key is to find him software that will increase beer production ...
> say, a nomikai's worth every couple of months ...

Ralph, I will personally write you any software you require! ;)

Seriously, you need something like Desktop Search, so hopefully some
of the guys around here have some experience with a tool that can
index different kinds of media.

Amarok, which someone mentioned, is fantastic for music, but it sounds
like you wanted more of an integrated solution, right?


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