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[tlug] Database frontend in Linux

Hi, I am new to this group, I have just subscribed to the digest format, and have been using Linux full-time on all of my computers for a year or so now. I use openSUSE 11.1 with Gnome, but am considering installing Ubuntu on my new laptop.

In Windows I have a database program called askSam, that some of you may be familiar with. I would like to get something in Linux that would be similarly or more suited to my needs. I have a rather extensive collection of medical information from a large number of subscriptions/periodicals that I have followed over the years. Initially, I scanned, OCR'ed, and tossed the results into askSam in chronological order for each periodical. Then when online information started becoming available, I began downloading and entering the information without the need for OCR. The askSam database will also accept html and email files and graphics, so when pertinent I have added this. It does not accept pdf, though I would be happy if a Linux database did.

Anyway, I have all of this information backed up outside the database as html, text files, rich text files, and graphics files, and would like to store it in a database in Linux. I am also interested in doing a database on my library (I have a few hundred books in Montana, a few hundred here at the house in Japan, with the bulk of my collection at my university office). I would also like to do a music database, as I have a pretty good collection of music, most of it backed up on computer. For the books and music, I have been thinking that a more structured database than askSam would be necessary.

After searching online rather extensively and either not finding or not understanding the answers, I wonder if anyone in this group might have some suggestions.

(1) Is it possible to find one good database frontend in Linux for these various requirements?

(2) Does Linux have anything that resembles askSam in the way it handles information? Is "Basket" similar to askSam, and would it easily handle the volume?

Although I am using Gnome, I also have KDE installed on SUSE (and assume this is possible in Ubuntu?) so that running KDE programs is not a dependency difficulty.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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