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Re: [tlug] Database frontend in Linux

2009/5/22 Raedwolf Summoner <>:

> Anyway, I have all of this information backed up outside the database as
> html, text files, rich text files, and graphics files, and would like to
> store it in a database in Linux.
> (1) Is it possible to find one good database frontend in Linux for these
> various requirements?

You don't want a database, you want a search engine.

> (2) Does Linux have anything that resembles askSam in the way it handles
> information? Is "Basket" similar to askSam, and would it easily handle the
> volume?

I would assume that askSam is just such a search engine: it indexes
your files when you add them, and probably has some sort of scheduled
index build to cover changes to the files it has indexed. When you
query askSam, it probably queries the index and returns useful
documents, and probably then gives you sections of those documents
that are relevant to your query. Is that about how it works?

I don't know anything about what Linux tools are available in this
space other than both GNOME and KDE have a desktop search that would
basically do what I outlined in the last paragraph.


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