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Re: [tlug] Database frontend in Linux

On Fri, May 22, 2009 at 09:04:18PM +0900, Raedwolf Summoner wrote:
> (1) Is it possible to find one good database frontend in Linux
> for these various requirements?

Like Josh i think you need a searchengine.  Having big binary
chunks as objects in real databases wouldnt help you.

Last year i was setting up a wiki (dokuwiki) which stores its
text-contents in pure text-files on a filesystem.  There was also
a filesystem available via nfs/smb and pdf/text/xls/doc-files and
quite some more could be saved there.  Around that i used namazu
as search-engine.  Its handling kanji and periodically indexes text,
pdf, doc, xls and other kinds of files. 

> [ collection..]
I use ampache for this.  Its indexing musicfiles into database in
its back.  Music searching/listening is done via webfrontend.
Amarok as standalone desktop application could also help


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