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Re: [tlug] Database frontend in Linux

2009/5/22 Stephen J. Turnbull <>:
> If you want something with more structure, then a relational database
> (like Oracle, Dbase II, or FoxBase) may be useful (but again I don't
> know about easy-to-use front-ends; when I need to talk to an SQL
> database I use Emacs Lisp or Python). Ā PostgreSQL and MySQL are the
> best known open source databases, and you can buy Oracle if you want
> to.

'scuse the pedantry, but Dbase II is only likely to come in handy if
you have a sudden nostalgic hankering to run CP/M ;). DB2 is
presumably what you mean. VisualFoxPro is the database formerly known
as "FoxBase" and AFAIK only runs on that operating system we Don't
Mentionā„¢ here.

Also, there are variants of Oracle which can be legitimately
downloaded and used without contributing to Mr. Ellison's yacht fund.

Two other open source databases (servers) worthy of mention are
Firebird and SQLite, both of which have their uses as backends for
single-user desktop-style applications.

(Apologies to the OP, this is getting away from the original question,
but databases are what  float my boat).

Ian Barwick

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