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Re: [tlug] Right Alt-key changes

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

Charles Muller writes:

 >      "pc+jp+inet(evdev)+level3(ralt_switch)"	};

Aha.  The ISO Level 3 switch.  (This is used to allow direct keyboard
entry of non-default layouts for alternative character sets.  In Japan
the obvious use is the JIS standard kana keyboard layout.)

I recommend that you *not* mess with this at the system level---it's a
good thing in general, and I doubt that Ubuntu and other distributions
will change it---but rather explicitly change it in your personal

OK, thanks--that's all I needed to know. I do have my small tweak running on startup (which I found on an Ubuntu forum), so it's no big deal.

As a point of mere conjecture as to the cause of this new situation, in my case it happened in the course of upgrading my Debian to unstable so that I could use KDE4, but since there was a Linux kernel upgrade in the process, as well as Xorg, I don't know if the actual source of this change is made in the kernel, Xorg, or KDE4, but I expect that more people will come across this problem in the near future.



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