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Re: [tlug] Right Alt-key changes

2009/5/15 Charles Muller <>:

> I don't know if this is a Debian issue, or if it is Linux-wide, but
> the most recent installations I've done with straight Linux and
> (K)Ubuntu all seem to disable the function of the right alt key--a
> royal PIA for anyone who uses (X)Emacs.

Yeah, this is likely a function of the keymap that is being selected
for you. Is this happening on multiple machines, or just one? What
kind of keyboard are you using?

> I found out that I can correct this by doing this:
> xmodmap -e "keycode 108 = Alt_L"
> But since this is only effective for the session, I
> also had to add it into a startup script.

Just drop the "keycode 108 = Alt_L" bit into ~/.xmodmaprc

> But it seems that there must be a way to do this at a more fundamental level.

Yes, there is. If you answer these questions, I can tell you where to
start poking:

1. What model of keyboard are you using (e.g. "USB JP keyboard" or
"Dell Latitude D410's built-in JP keyboard" is fine)?
2. What keymap is X using? Run: "setxkbmap -print" (I think this'll do it.)


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