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Re: [tlug] Pretty Japanese fonts?

Jim Breen writes:
 > 2009/5/14 Stephen J. Turnbull <>:

 > > I've always considered that simply citing a license name in my
 > > work is tantamount to "just take it!"
 > Except that in my case I don't simply cite a licence name. I have  a very
 > detailed statement at:

Sure.  And I always distribute the GPL (or whatever) with my work.  My
point is that unless you make a short statement where they can't miss
it that "here are a few things you may do, anything else is quite
possibly forbidden, see the license", they will miss it.  Since in a
lot of my Lisp libraries the only documentation is in the source :-),
the top of the source file is a good place for it.  They will see it.

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