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Re: [tlug] Pretty Japanese fonts?

Hideki Yamane wrote:

 Maybe yes, most of them say "You cannot use this font for evil use"
in those license. But they don't realize that real evil persons don't care about the license ;-) So it just restricts us - distributions' package maintainers.

 And Japanese fonts creators just don't know about FLOSS licenses.
They create their own font license - by copying from other fonts licenses and modify it.

Then, on the other hand, you have the case where people make assumptions about a license without actually reading it. When the Creative Commons licenses first came out, I applied it to many of my online documents, and soon found those documents appearing around the web in formats that directly contravened the stipulations of the license. For these people, the word "Creative Commons" itself simply meant "anything goes." After going through the trouble of getting most of these illegal usages (but not all) corrected, I went back to plain old copyright notices, which people seem to understand much better.



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