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Re: [tlug] Pretty Japanese fonts?

John Fremlin <> wrote:
> The font I was using was Cyberbit. My boss, Mr Kuroda, dislikes it 
> because it is too regular -- it doesn't use a brush stroke style and so 
> does not "appear Japanese". I suppose this is what Gernot is referring
> to regarding gyou-shotai.

I personally think Mincho and Gothic are enough for a technical
presentation, however you can try a kai-shotai (楷書体) font if he
prefers a brush stroke style.

Gyou-shotai is too artsy for this.

> All in all, it seems that this problem is not confined to LaTeX, but 
> that generally the free fonts for Japanese are not very beautiful. [...]
> Just to confirm, I've tried all three font families offered by CJK LaTeX 
> Mincho, Gothic and Marumoji and they were all met with disapproval.

I went back and looked at your PDF and the font in it do look "bad" to
me, but I'm not sure how much of it is from the design of the font and
how much from its unfamiliarity.

However, something like the extra space between ラ and イ in ライブラリ
on the 2nd page, and the horizontal strokes of ラ and ブ (one going
down, one going up) does stand out and make it look unbalanced.

So maybe just a different Mincho font is sufficient...

Stephen Lee <>

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