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[tlug] moving offices means free stuff for you!

Hello TLUGers,

Picsel is moving offices and we have some free stuff to give away. Otherwise we have to throw it away... which actually costs us money and is just really a horrible waste.

Free Stuff:
- 1 fullsize Dell rack. This is in very nice condition and would be a real waste to throw away. I can also probably through in some cable management stuff.
- 6 comparatively large desks. I can't ID a model number but they are made by okamura and are in a nice L-shape.

Cheap Stuff:
- I also have a few /extremely/ nice "Contessa" chairs. I forgot exactly how much they were new but I believe it was in the ~150,000 to 200,000 range. We are selling them for 30.000/each, various colors to choose from.
- Misc random networking equipment, cables and the like

We are located in Ebisu and you would have to come and pick it up or ship it yourself.

Please mail me off line if you are interested in anything. We need to be out by the end of next week so please act quickly.


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