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Re: [tlug] Pretty Japanese fonts?

John Fremlin writes:

 > One slightly strange thing is in its list of reasons for the paucity of 
 > free Japanese fonts.
 > 	3. Font authors don't want to see their fonts on adult sites.
 > 	So they don't want to make it free (GPL etc).
 > Is this a real reason?

Sure.  It makes me sick when I Google for "Created by XEmacs" and see
a few porn and occasionally neonazi sites in the list.  I'm antinazi
and antiporn *because* I'm libertarian, though, so I stick to first
principles and bear with the nausea.  I'd be even less happy to
participate *directly* in the presentation via a font or image, etc.
I think I'd stop Googling, though, not use a restrictive license.[1]

ISTR that there was a well-known imaging software (I don't think it's
POVray, but somehow that sticks in my mind) that had a restriction
against use in weapons development before they switched to a free
license.  Same form, different principle behind restriction, that's

[1]  Not that I'm against restrictive licenses if I -- or you -- get
money from them.  But using a restrictive license just to spite people
who are harming freedom seems self-defeating to me.

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