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Re: [tlug] About to break down and get an iPhone

2009/5/12 Clemens Schwaighofer <>:

> Yeah, I am already an outcast, as I don't even have any kind of linux
> at home any more :)

The horror! ;)

> On the other hand, as I spend most my time at
> work, I do sit in front of a Linux box all the time ...

Then I guess you're allowed to stay on the list. ;-P

Seriously, we really should change the name to Tokyo Unix Users
Group[1], as we're fine with the Linux, the BSD, the Solaris, and yes,
even the MacOS X. Hrm... I wonder if is taken...

--Cheers, Josh

[1] Not really, this is a troll to see if I can bring a certain wileyc
out of the wordwork

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