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Re: [tlug] Lanmap or something of the likes.

Erin Hughes kirjoitti 12.3.2008 kello 18.17:

Hey all,

Does anyone know of a newer more supported project like Lanmap.

Some one wants a pretty picture of their windows network, and while I think I can dig up a my copy old copy of Whats Up Gold, that also means firing up xen and finding a copy of XP or the likes. I thought if there was something similar for Linux I would rather use that.

Hi Erin,

Is Lanmap not doing what you want, or are you looking for more functionality ?

if you want to scan hosts and do some snmp profiling (IIRC windows (>=2k) has snmp enbled by default)
you could look at stuff like or, or even

My current tools and plan of attack are as follows.

Nessus, Wireshark and nmap for the analysis's.

Aha, you really want to analyze the network, it seems, not just scan for hosts.

I've not really heard anyone using something other than Nessus.
At least in the backend. On the frontend I've seen commercial GUIs and tools built around it.
But then, I've not worked in any real NOC... so

Cheers, -- Henri

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