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[tlug] Hi, I'm Linxxy! How 'bout a quickie?

Scott Robbins writes:

 > The nice thing about LiveCDs is that they don't take long to try.

Unless, of course, you try Open Office.  (Speaking of petty but fun.)

I've updated my relevant Open Office installations (to Neooffice
2.0beta on the Macs and 2.1 on the 4-core dual Opteron 265 box; still
don't have a Windows box, though), and my conclusion is still that
it's not an improvement over Office in the speed department, and MS
Office compatibility still isn't really there.  It's hard to recommend
to a Windows user among Windows users, and pretty marginal on a Mac.

Still, both versions are usable, Neo may even be somewhat more
intuitive than MS Office on Mac, and both Neo and OOo 2.1 have no
problem with WordPerfect files (including the one I had trouble with
before with OOo 2.0 for Mac).

If you are not looking for an upgrade from MS Office, and are looking
for an open source office suite, then OOo is a big win.  (I keep a
sharp lookout for office suites myself, and especially for escape
routes should I be in danger of meeting one!)

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