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Re: [tlug] Is having no "iptables" bad?


Thank you for replying.
AFAIK iptables is the userspace part, the in-kernel stuff is called
I found it, but it has a zillion options. So even if I include it, I'm not sure which modules I'd need to modprobe and whatnot.

The recommended way would be to take the .config from your distro
(ubuntu's kernel source) and alter that (i.e. optimize it for your
I see. I'm just a little confused on which .config file you mean that I should take from my distro. Where would I find it?

Doing a bit of searching around, I see have these ones on my computer:

This one I assume is the one I'm using now:

These would be from my previous build. Would I use these? Would they work with the new kernel?

Here's another one, which I'm not sure how it differs from the first one I listed.

I'm all for getting a .config file suitable for Ubuntu, tweaking it, and then recompiling my kernel. But I just want to make sure I get the exact right .config file to start with.

Dave M G

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