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Re: [tlug] Asterik in Japan

Did anyone set up Asterisk to make calls through, and receive calls

I installed today. Local extensions work fine, but to
configure sipgate connection took several hours without bringing a
positive result.

To complicate the situation the asterisk server is located in the DMZ
and the firewall maps a global IP to a private IP.  Some kind of
connection takes place = sipgate account page shows connected, but
unfortunately when calling that german number only busy signal, and
nothing at the client side.

Any hints would be appreciated.

One note on Asterisk at home - its quite a simple to install package,
so suitable for most tlugers without technical knowledge, and the
Webadministration interface takes some of the heat out of the cryptic
Asterisks config directives.  The distro is a bit strange though, so I
think after I got it to work, I reinstall the server with suse and add
the web package later on, copying the config files.

Right now I am only interested in a proof of concept.

Patrick Niessen

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