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Re: [tlug] Asterisk and ISDN (was: Re: Asterik in Japan)

On Wed, 9 Mar 2005 15:45:30 +0100, Tobias Diedrich <> wrote:
> Daniel Quimper wrote:
> > A couple of weeks ago, I asked Digium for a sales contact in Japan and they
> > replied with Invitesse. I contacted them and here's their price list.
> If you want to use ISDN (Don't know how common that is in Japan)
> instead of POTS, then you can use run of the mill cards using the
> HFC/Cologne chip.  This chip supports the "NT Mode", where it will
> act as the "Network Terminator" and you can then connect a bus with
> Phones to it.

If it could be made to work with ISDN it would be great, as I am
looking for a cheap solution for our office (4 ISDN line = 8 parallel
conversations).  Unfortunately Japan is famous for using own
(incompatible) standards, so its not guaranteed that it works.

Patrick Niessen

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