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[tlug] Asterisk and ISDN (was: Re: Asterik in Japan)

Daniel Quimper wrote:

> A couple of weeks ago, I asked Digium for a sales contact in Japan and they
> replied with Invitesse. I contacted them and here's their price list.

If you want to use ISDN (Don't know how common that is in Japan)
instead of POTS, then you can use run of the mill cards using the
HFC/Cologne chip.  This chip supports the "NT Mode", where it will
act as the "Network Terminator" and you can then connect a bus with
Phones to it.

I haven't tried it myself so far, but I recently acquired two cards
on ebay (one for 14€, the other for 1€ :-)), when they get here I'm
probably going to have a look at Asterisk, ISDN and VoIP real soon
(tm). :-)

Tobias						PGP:

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