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Re: [tlug] Asterik in Japan

On Tue, 8 Mar 2005 15:01:31 +0900, David Bennett  
<> wrote:
> Thanks Chris,
>  Does that mean Digium will ship to Japan? (he asks as he boots up the
> site in another tab...)

A couple of weeks ago, I asked Digium for a sales contact in Japan and they
replied with Invitesse. I contacted them and here's their price list.

Note that I don't work for invitesse.

TDM01B**    TDM card with 1 FX0                ¥16,000
TDM04B**    TDM card with 4 FX0                ¥40,000
TDM10B**    TDM card with 1 FXS                ¥15,000
TDM11B**    TDM card with 1 FXS, 1 FX0         ¥23,200
TDM22B**    TDM card with 2 FXS, 2 FS0         ¥38,000
TDM31B**    TDM card with 3 FXS, 1 FX0         ¥37,000
TDM40B**    TDM card with 4 FXS                ¥36,000


Daniel Quimper ing.

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