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Re: [tlug] Asterik in Japan

> >Also (once again I apologize for the dumb questions) do you know if
> >there is work to include Japanese caller id into the driver?
> AFAIK nobody is working on it right now.  Ignore the bit about a bounty
> being offered -- I talked to the guy, and IMHO he isn't reliable.


and the source code mentioned in that message:   

while the technical information is given here:

it appears that if someone could take the time to go through the spandsp code,
it could be easily implemented...

BTW, anyone tried (as reported in Slashdot)?

the problem I have with these "appliance" CDs is that very few support
SCSI hard disks. on the other hand, since my Asterisk box crashes all the
time (dies with "cannot fork"), I may try to dig out an old PC with 
IDE disks...

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