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[tlug] "done one job and do it well" mailer [was: Alan Cox's remark at Fosdem]

Uva Coder <> writes:


> I think what separates the Bell Labs (BL) open source operating
> systems from the GNU based open source operating systems is
> discernment. This discernment comes from a philosophy.
> An example of the difference is where a utility should to do one
> job and do it well. For instance, an utility should not attempt
> to be a swiss knife (e.g., tar -xzvf file.tar.gz).  Along these
> lines we do not need a plethroa of mailers; just one mailer that
> works right.


And that mailer would be MH. You're not going to find another
mailer that better illustrates the "software tools" philosophy.

So why aren't we all using MH?


Michael Smith |

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