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Re: [tlug] Re: Alan Cox's remark at Fosdem

On Thu, 3 Mar 2005 04:50:32 +0100, Martin Bähr
<> wrote:
> user interface is ALL about personal taste.
> and all the mailers out there are about different user interfaces and
> features.

And that is were the design goes wrong. If you compare the human body
with an operating system then some things become apparent. Why are our
hands designed the way they are? Why do we only have 2 hands?

I believe the answer has to do something with economy and utility. We
are general purpose beings, and if we had as much bloat as GNU/Linux
we'd be monsters too.

I think diversity is great if we are dealing with games or educational
tools, but not with the basics of the operating system and its most
used utilities. Having a dozen ways to view email is like having a
dozen pair of hands, but you only need one good set of hands.


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